Integrated Automation of

Governance, Risk and Compliance

  • Global IT Enterprise
  • Efficiencies
  • Liability Reduction
  • Profit Expansion

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Global enterprises, on average, operate 83 security applications with unknown gaps. 93% of these enterprises are failing their GRC missions.  Costly aged processes that have evolved over time further create the inability to find permanent solutions impacting business profitability.

These aged processes are not built into current solutions rather they are disparate and include audit, the application of standards post-delivery, lack of adopting IT modernizations, and plug-n-play security band-aids.

AltorGRC is the only alternative to the legacy approach for the current global Enterprise.  AltorGRC’s Data Enclave® fully integrated Formulary PaaS replaces aged processes with an end-to-end solution where expanded profitability goals can be met.

AltorGRC Offerings

Data Enclave® Analytics

Assessment, Decisions, Compliance

Data Enclave® Formulary

Data Enclave® AltorGRC Managed Service and Client Managed PaaS

Expert Services

Planning and Preparing the Journey to Business Technology Compliance

Data Enclave® Formulary Components

Cloud CSF

Wrapped in a Secure Cloud Architecture through a Client Customized Consolidated Security Framework (“CSF”)


Aggregation of Security Information and Event Management from all sources


Integrated Automation of Business and Technology Compliance through continuous preemptive controls

Data Architecture

IT Modernization of data architecture to drive global data sovereignty, enforce privacy, and protect data assets.


.01 Efficiency of Delivery

Data Enclave’s core principle is to ensure the sustainable, standards-driven alignment of business process to eliminate compliance risk. However, Rome was not built in a day. The methodical, planned introduction, evolution, and transition of the business into a standard, efficient, compliant model needs to be accomplished in prioritized, achievable stages with no business disruption.

.02 Cost Reduction

Data Enclave fundamentally changes the approach to compliance by identifying and remediating compliance gap at the time of business and technology change versus at time of audit or thereafter. Through automation of such factors it also reduces security technology fragmentation, audit expense by streamlining all evidence in advance of audit, and as a result internal security and GRC headcount leading to cost efficiencies of 40%(+).

.03 Centralized Control

Automation and standardization of processes and technology lead to significant efficiencies, but the crown jewels truly appear when centralize command and control is established. Centralized controls enhance production maintenance, coordinate implementation of complex compliance rules, coalesces structured and unstructured data, and addresses security comprehensively.

.04 Profit Expansion

Profitability comes from leveraging the efficiencies, cost containment, and command and control features, not just for the present, but for the future. Data Enclave ensures the most important assets are tuned for performance to meet business demand while less efficient and less needed systems are provided a more efficient service level. Through the evolution of data, security, and compliance your organization gains velocity in its business and technology decisions.

Michael D Byrd

Data Wrangler

Trent J DiGiulio

Advisor – Commercial