Data Enclave Analytics

Data Enclave

Next Generation business driving technical response where business process evidence is integrated into modern IT structures where regulatory laws and GRC are addressed.

The Data Enclave® Solution represents a titanic shift in the approach and delivery of business and technology compliance to meet todays unique and evolving challenges related to “Revenue Sharing” regulations such as the European Union General Data Protection (“EU-GDPR”) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (“CCPA”).  AltorGRC‘s Data Enclave® Solution implements Compliance as a Service integrating our Client’s existing Data, Cyber Security, and  Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance systems into a destination solution architecture dedicated to preemptive business and technology compliance through the use of automation through business and technology rules.

The Data Enclave Formulary, a Planning and Build service will focus on bringing the Client-specific Data Enclave into existence including implementation of the technical, operations, rules, and workflow necessary to establish controls to resolve business-driven technical regulatory items before they become violations.

Data Enclave® Formulary solution planning and build entails:

  • Implementation of a baseline, Client-specific Data Enclave including Integration of AltorGRC recommended tooling selected by the Client and integration of Client-specific tooling
  • Examination of Client industry-specific standards, certifications, and regulations
  • Establishing Client-specific data integrations
  • Testing and approval
  • Transfer-to-Production (“TtP”)