Cage Code: 8NPW7  | UEI# ME5RUJ78DQ16 |  WOSB Certified  |  NAICS: 541512, 541214, 518210, 541519, 541611, 541511 | TRL-5 | DA01, DA10, DB01, DB02, DB10, DC01, DC10, DD01, DF01, DF10, DG01, DG10, DH01, DH10, DJ01, DJ10, DK01, DK10, R702, R408, R410, U012, B529, B544, B513, B505, B506

AltorGRC‘s Data Enclave® Formulary solution is an expanded PaaS solution from the Case Study built to be applied to any on-premises global enterprise business.  The AltorGRC solution, offerings, and resources are focused on driving material change in the way Enterprises manage, respond to, and drive their GRC, security and privacy operation through an integrated end to end collaboration.  This drives methods, processes, technologies, implementation, operations that result in a comprehensive encapsulation of Enterprise data within a secure and compliant cloud environment, responds to compliance events in a real time or proactive manner, and resolves such gaps at the time of event versus after significant time has passed where compliance variances become evident and material.  Once in place there is continuous response and remedy to change.

Phone #: (972) 385-8908


  • Vendor Risk Mgmt (TPRM)
  • CMMC Readiness Assessment
  • ISO 9001 Delivery Management
  • IT Modernization / Innovation Uplift
  • Business Transformation
  • Process Management Definitions
  • Data Migration & Unification
  • Data Solution Architecture
  • Ask the Expert / Client Support
  • GRC Consultation
  • Road Map Definitions
  • Data Enclave® Formulary
  • Licensure
  • Guided Implementation
  • Automated International Payroll

Accepting Credit Card, Debit Card, and ACH Payments

PSC Description
DA01 IT and Telecom - Business Application/application Development Support Services (labor)
DA10 IT and Telecom - Business Application/application Development Software as a Service
DB01 IT and Telecom - High Performance Computing (hpc) Support Services (labor)
DB02 IT and Telecom - Compute Support Services, Non-hpc (labor)
DB10 IT and Telecom - Compute as a Service: Mainframe/servers
DC01 IT and Telecom - Data Center Support Services (labor)
DC10 IT and Telecom - Data Center as a Service
DD01 IT and Telecom - Service Delivery Support Services: Itsm, Operations Center, Project/pm (labor)
DF01 IT and Telecom - IT Management Support Services (labor)
DF10 IT and Telecom - IT Management as a Service
DG01 IT and Telecom - Network Support Services (labor)
DG10 IT and Telecom - Network as a Service
DH01 IT and Telecom - Platform Support Services: Database, Mainframe, Middleware (labor)
DH10 IT and Telecom - Platform as a Service: Database, Mainframe, Middleware
DJ01 IT and Telecom - Security and Compliance Support Services (labor)
DJ10 IT and Telecom - Security and Compliance as a Service
DK01 IT and Telecom - Storage Support Services (labor)
DK10 IT and Telecom - Storage as a Service
R702 Support - Management: Data Collection
R408 Support - Professional: Program Management/support
R410 Support - Professional: Program Evaluation/review/development
U012 Education/training - Information Technology/telecommunications Training
B529 Special Studies/analysis - Scientific Data
B544 Special Studies/analysis - Technology
B513 Special Studies/analysis - Feasibility (non-construction)
B505 Special Studies/analysis - Cost Benefit
B506 Special Studies/analysis - Data (other Than Scientific)