Data Enclave® Formulary

Client Enclave

Data Enclave® platform in its implemented form is available as an AltorGRC Managed Service PaaS or Client Managed PaaS implementation performing continuous risk reduction for the enterprise.

Data Enclave® Formulary represents a monumental shift in the approach and delivery of business-driven technology compliance.  This addresses today’s unique and evolving challenges related to “Revenue Sharing” regulations such as the European Union General Data Protection (“EU-GDPR”) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (“CCPA”).  AltorGRC’s Data Enclave® Formulary implements compliance as a continuous service integrating our Client’s existing Data, Cybersecurity, and Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance systems into a destination solution architecture dedicated to preemptive compliance through the use of integrated automation.

Deployed in one of two operational models based on the Client End-to-End plans.  The Client will either have an AltorGRC managed service PaaS instance or the Client will take over PaaS operations.

Data Enclave® – Managed by AltorGRC

  • AltorGRC focuses on the ongoing compliant operations, uplift, evolution, and management of Client Data Enclave® Formulary environment(s) including the automation, workflows, monitoring, reporting, and all operational response necessary to meet high Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) per Client Service Agreements.

Data Enclave® – Client Managed

  • Once build is complete, day-to-day operations are turned over to the Client operations team
  • The Data Enclave® Formulary, service and solution foundational tools will not be managed by the end-Client.