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This documentary film, produced by award-winning producer Larry L. Sheffield, explores events that occurred immediately after the testing of the world’s first atomic bomb in July of 1945. 

Oppenheimer After Trinity is a thought-provoking and insightful documentary that explores events that occurred after the testing of the world’s first atomic bomb in July of 1945. The documentary offers a rare and intimate glimpse into the mind of Dr. J Robert Oppenheimer, and the moments leading up to and following the first atomic bomb test in the New Mexico desert. The film features rare footage and photographs, along with compelling testimony from Dr. Oppenheimer’s grandson, Charles Oppenheimer. 

Through the written and spoken words of Dr. Oppenheimer, the documentary tells a deeply personal story and sheds light on the magnitude of what it means to hold the weight of the world on one’s shoulders. The film addresses events that quickly unfolded and caused a course of action that is still debated today. The documentary’s use of declassified military documents and rare interviews provide a unique insight into a critical moment in human history.

Larry L. Sheffield, the creator/producer of Oppenheimer After Trinity, has done a remarkable job of telling this story. His work is extraordinary, and his documentary will inspire thought and reflection. Oppenheimer After Trinity is an important film that speaks to the very core of what it means to be human and serves as a reminder of the potential for destruction and progress within us. 

Larry L. Sheffield is an award-winning documentary film producer with a passion for exploring history’s most critical moments. Larry grew up in Alamogordo, New Mexico, and is currently producing several documentary films about events that happened in New Mexico around the Manhattan Project, the Trinity Site Test, Operation Paperclip, and other military events that shaped human history between 1945-1950. 

Larry has a unique perspective on these events as his grandfather worked at Los Alamos, and Larry learned after his death that his grandfather had a security clearance. Larry’s first film, “Alamogordo, Center of the World, Trinity 1945,” won recognition in four film festivals. His second film, “Oppenheimer After Trinity,” has won ten awards in various film festivals which was considered for best documentary. Larry’s films are known for their use of rare footage, photographs, and compelling interviews, and he has a unique talent for bringing history to life on the big screen. 

Trent Di Giulio Director of Oppenheimer After Trinity 

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